Concrete Pilings: Everything you Need to Know

Construction of a concrete foundation or repair involves the use of tools, materials and requires a certain level of expertise. Piles are some of the essential foundation support tools. These piles come in different sizes and shapes, but concrete piles are among the most popular piles in the construction industry. 


Concrete piles are primarily used in all foundation constructions, such as substructure components, marine concrete foundation construction, repair, residential, and multi-story foundation. Concrete pilings are ideal for foundation construction and repair due to their;


  • Resistance from drainage 
  • Affordability 
  • Easy installation 
  • High load capacity 
  • Installation


Like other concrete foundation repair materials, concrete piles come in different shapes. Circular piles are the most desirable for many builders due to their equal bending strength. The design minimizes flexing or bending of the piles, enhancing your foundation’s stability. Thus, you will not need to do repairs any time soon. 


When it comes to installation, builders use different methods such as pressing. Here the builder will force the piles into the ground. The pressing happens till the concrete pile reaches a point of refusal. Pressing can be done using a diesel hammer or pile driver to ensure the pile is deep enough to offer excellent support to your property. 


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