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If you are looking for the best concrete sidewalk contractors in Visalia CA, then Visalia Concrete Company is what you are looking for! A trusted concrete sidewalk service corporation for commercial and residential projects in Clovis and the neighboring places. We have constructed thousands of concrete floors for homeowners, municipal and community resources, and apartment complexes in the USA. Our group is also experienced and trained in concrete sidewalk installations and repairs. If you want to build a parking lot or sidewalk, an expert estimator from our company will come by to evaluate your needs, check your project site, and give you a written and detailed quotation. Our high-quality workmanship and on-time project completion guarantee you total satisfaction with our sidewalk installations and paving facilities.

Concrete sidewalk contractors in Visalia CA
Concrete sidewalk contractors in Visalia CA

Concrete sidewalk installation, maintenance, restoration, and repairs

From special surfaces to crack filling, sidewalk, and road construction, you are guaranteed our high-quality performance each day. Our expert concrete sidewalk technicians work effectively and quickly within minimum disorder to your routine.


The most common services at Visalia Concrete Company include:

    • Resurfacing of concrete

    • Concrete sidewalk repairs

    • Crack filling

    • Slurry seal sprouting

    • Concrete pours and special finishes

Concrete sidewalk repair services

Expert sidewalk repair needs an on-target evaluation of floor conditions and a quick reaction so that the minor issues do not turn out to be serious ones. This special attention can simply minimize concrete surface aging and lead to considerable expense savings over the lifespan of each concrete pavement structure.


At Visalia Concrete Company, we work with you to make sure that an appropriate application is offered and the minor details checked into. This quality repair and paving is what retains clients to the company and attracts new ones.


We work to ensure all edges are saw-cut, machine milled, and jack-hammered. We can also plan for the elimination of excavated components. The underground material expected to remain in place can be re-compacted to ninety-five percent. Upon compaction and just before placing the concrete, all vertical edges of the existing pavement are provided with a tack-coat of a special liquid Binder.

In-depth fixes

The concrete surface will be fixed in just two lifts unless further directions from the experts. There should be no concrete with less than one inch or greater than two inches thickness compacted. The total concrete thickness will be specified in the project proposal.

Visalia team will furnish the necessary equipment capable of generating the needed compaction on ninety-three percent. The concrete surface, when done, will be dense, smooth, dense, and with uniformity in both appearance and texture.

Concrete services

We take pride in the expertise in the execution of complex concrete projects according to the client’s needs. We offer basic concrete work and fixes, normally in integration with maintenance and construction of new projects. Our expert technicians provide efficient work, using modern tools and equipment. We have many years of experience in the industry, which extends from new construction of concrete to concrete removal and demolition of broken and cracked concrete, including specialized finishes.

Our team aims to self-perform all the concrete projects and never assigns the task to other reserve contractors. That simply means we can do any aspect of the concrete project, including concrete pours, striping, excavation, finish work, construction of forms as well as clean-ups.

Slurry seal

Slurry seal introduces a durable hard surface that allows for many years of use for both new and old parking lots and roadways. A slurry seal from Visalia is created to extend the lifespan of the current pavement by providing protection to the undersurface from the negative impacts of weather, oxidation as well as water seepage. The seal is a slurry mixture formed from finely graded aggregate components, water, and asphalt, all carefully mixed and calibrated to make a compound’s mortal form.


Each project has its own operating conditions and unique logistics. We work closely with you to create a production scope that optimizes the job schedule and reduces disruption to guests, clients, and customers. Count on us for quality sidewalk repairs and maintenance.

We can repair and install concrete sidewalks for your house or business. Root intrusion, water damage, and foot traffic pressure can weaken and crack concrete sidewalks over time. Our concrete sidewalk repair services are second to none, and we guarantee your satisfaction. If you want to improve the look of your home’s exterior, consider using our concrete sidewalk service.


We can build you a brand new sidewalk from scratch or fix or replace individual bricks or slabs. When you work with us, you’ll receive an accurate quote and thorough guidance from our specialists, who will do everything they can to realize your vision.


For the sake of the public’s safety, we insist that homeowners who see their concrete sidewalks crumbling, cracked, or uneven get in touch with a competent service as soon as possible to have them repaired. These significant problems can be brought on by several sources, including root damage, water damage, and heavyweight load damage. Your family, neighbors, and anyone using the walkways could be put in danger by the injury. Our concrete specialists can rapidly remove old slabs, replace them with new ones, and level any imperfections. Our customers may use our beautiful new sidewalks without worrying about their safety. We offer concrete sidewalk services at reasonable rates and with top-notch quality and professionalism. Experts in our employees go the extra mile to guarantee that your problems will be solved and that the resulting concrete sidewalk will add curb appeal to your home. Contact us or call us now at (559) 214-2588