Concrete Stains Vs Concrete Dyes

The use of colored concrete has been embraced over time by most people. Its use has increased from driveways to most parts of the buildings, such as entrance walkways and basements. Concrete stains vs concrete dyes achieve the desired color of choice. However, it is based on some factors which aid in selecting the stains and dyes. A significant factor is the condition of the concrete surface and the ultimate result required. Stains undergo a chemical reaction with the concrete instead of dyes that penetrate the concrete, forming a colored product.



Concrete Stains

There are various types of stains; acid-based chemical stains are a commonly used type. They react with the alkali in the concrete, creating a semi-transparent formulation. Due to their transparent state, stains cannot cover existing cracks on the floor. In this case, prior surface preparation is critical when using acid-based chemical stains. Another type of stain is water-based acrylic stain. It is a more durable stain since it can penetrate more into the concrete, thus reducing the chance of fading off. This stain is also available in a diverse range of colors. An advantage of concrete stain is that it works efficiently in both inside and outside designs. In addition, they can withstand destruction from ultraviolet rays.



Concrete Dyes

Dyes generally form a simple mixture with concrete and thus do not chemically react. In addition, they are made up of very small particles making them easier to diffuse into the concrete. Dyes usually are packages either as a powder or in solution form. Dyes are also known to dry quickly and thus promoting their efficiency. However, the penetrating rate is high, and therefore dyes should be cautiously handled to avoid the undesired result. However, dyes work poorly in exterior designs since they cannot resist ultraviolet light, and thus a sealer is required for further protection.



Choice of desired product for a colored concrete design

Various tips are vital when choosing the best-colored concrete project. Concrete staining is more favorable for an exterior design since it can stand up to ultraviolet rays. Stains are selected to maintain an existing structure to improve their appearance due to their transparent feature.



On the other hand, dyes are best reliable if a wide variety of colors is desired and there are adequate skills in mixing colors. If the customer prefers prominent colors, then dyes are the best choice. Concrete dyes are also known to dry faster, and thus if the project is on a limited schedule, they are the most preferred.



Tools and commodities are used to make a colored concrete design.

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