Everyone knows the importance of steps. When you have a flight of stairs, it is very important to have high-quality steps to ensure that people are safe when using them. That is why Visalia Concrete Company offers precast concrete steps for commercial and residential projects. Precast concrete steps are built in a controlled area at our local manufacturing facility before being delivered to the site.


What are Precast Concrete Steps?

A lot of people ask us, what are precast concrete steps? Precast concrete steps by Visalia Concrete consist of the same strong and durable material we use for our sidewalks and decks. They basically can be used as stairs or decks in addition to enhancing your home’s exceptional beauty.


Visalia Concrete precast concrete steps are slip-resistant, which means they won’t be slippery when wet and will meet your needs for comfort and safety. We also use our strong and durable precast materials to create a beautiful and stable surface on steps or as a deck addition for your home or business in the Central Valley.


Why do you need Precast Concrete Steps?

Precast concrete steps can be made to match any design you want, including designs of other architectural features such as decks, pool areas, patios, balconies of homes. It’s perfect for people who live near water because there is no wood rot due to rain damage. They’re extremely sturdy and last a long time with little maintenance needed. And best of all, they’re built to last.


Precast concrete steps are very durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. They are made out of the same material that is used for our sidewalks and decks which means they will be strong enough to hold you or your loved one’s weight. We also use slip-resistant material so you won’t have any accidents on accident because it’ll be slippery when wet. The height can also easily be adjusted to meet any need including affordable ADA compliant ramps. And since no maintenance is required, you don’t have to worry about costly repairs by hiring someone else. You’ll save time and money with Visalia Concrete precast concrete steps.


Advantages of Precast Concrete Steps

i. Made in a Controlled Environment
Precast concrete steps are built in a controlled environment, making it easier for us to ensure the quality of your steps compared to other methods where they are made on-site. They also eliminate having to move them once they have already been placed because precast concrete steps are built in place. This is important because mobility is restricted in most construction sites.


ii. Offer Durability and Strength

Precast concrete steps offer superior strength and durability over other materials, including poured concrete or steel, which is why they are often preferred for high-traffic areas like commercial buildings or large structures. They also last longer because precast concrete steps are protected against exposure to the elements during manufacturing. Without this protection, the steel begins to corrode right after being exposed to the elements, which leads to rust. While steel can be painted, it is not as durable or strong as precast concrete steps.


iii. They are Non-Slippery and Can be Customized
They are slip-resistant, which means no slippery surfaces when wet that could lead to falls. Our steps can be customized to fit any design you want, making them perfect for your home or business.


iv. Minimum Maintenance
They’re extremely sturdy and last a long time with little maintenance needed. And best of all, unlike other materials, our precast concrete steps are built to last.


v. Affordable and Low Cost of Installation
Precast concrete steps by Visalia Concrete are also very affordable because there’s less labor involved in the project since they are made in one location and not site-built on-site.


Precast Concrete Steps by Visalia Concrete Company are built with strength and durability in mind so you can have peace of mind knowing your steps are safe for you and your family. We offer steps in both full height and half height to accommodate different types of structures.


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